So - I am at the beginning of a journey which is going to make me into a successful photographer – or at least my promise to you my reader is that I am going to do everything I can think of to try.

Business Plan

The Nature Of the Business

Portrait Photography

* Newborn
* Maternity
* Preschool children
* Low/mid-key
* Black and white
* Artistic

* Theatre headshots
* Older children
* Beauty portraits

* Family portraits
* Location portraits
* Cityscapes
* Flowers

90% in studio, possibly at home for newborn

Target clientelle
Mid- to top-end, ideally in the immediate area or within a radius of  five miles, as people unlikely to travel further

Aim to make £250-£500 per shoot

State of Business
Have a website
Have equipment
Studio ready in next 1-3 weeks

Aims for next week
Daily training for 30 minutes
Update website
Complete studio

Aims for next month
Photograph dress rehearsal at local theatre
Give co-students details of headshot service
Finish studio

Business Aims for the next year
Build to 2 child portrait clients per week.
Build up a Portfolio of actor's headshots/theatre work and make some money from it
Build up Portfolio of Flowers and Cityscapes for sale through website or stock photography, or as cards and make money from it

Marketing Aims for Next Year
Find out about, and do all the marketing possible on the internet
Have a stall at all possible local fairs
Leaflet all venues where pregnant women might go.