So - I am at the beginning of a journey which is going to make me into a successful photographer – or at least my promise to you my reader is that I am going to do everything I can think of to try.


British library to find out about how they can help.

Go to local library and find out about mentor training schools

Revise business documents
Start business, marketing, and training plans, and create timetable*
Stick tape along plywood edges to stop them splitting
Watch YouTube tips*
Answer client enquiry *
Send pics to client
Take pics of boys in natural light of studio, or look for locations in local park
Update pictures on website
Update website blog*
Look into Weebly website
Paint studio wall
Read book on maternity technique
Put up studio equipment
Take cityscape pictures
Open a file for Portfolio pics
Finish putting up equipment. Buy shelves for shelving units and fill
Plan pictures for hall and stairs
Calibrate screens
See if printer works
Calibrate printer
Consider continuous ink system