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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Paper Backgrounds on Carpet - Solution, and Other Studio Equipment

I have bought two pieces of plywood measuring 2400 x 2400mm in total. They are 6mm thick. I think they may work. They even fit under the door. Hurrah!

I have also ordered some studio equipment. I have managed fine for three years with two Bowens Esprit 500 lights, one with an umbrella, one with a softbox. But I'd like to experiment with a background light and a hairlight so I've ordered two Bowen Gemini 400 lights, with a light stand, and a honeycomb grid fitting. I've also ordered a background support system that you hang on the wall. I decided to go with the Karlite make as it is meant to be strong enough to hold vinyl and muslin backdrops. I'll let you know what it's like. Can't wait to try the honeycomb grid. I'm hopeful that I can get better Rembrandt lighting with it.

I've also ordered a Manfrotto boom stand for my keylight as the sofabed in the studio makes the actual shooting space rather narrow. I'll take some pictures to show you tomorrow.

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