So - I am at the beginning of a journey which is going to make me into a successful photographer – or at least my promise to you my reader is that I am going to do everything I can think of to try.

Monday, 28 March 2011

What Type of Photographer to Be, and Plan for May

Number of times I've picked up a camera in the last week: 2
Number of clients in last week: 0

This is one of the window boxes I've installed to make the studio
(and the front of the house) look nice for clients. Hope I haven't
blocked too much light.
This is the wall boom I ordered at its full extension.
It's only about 170cm long and I don't think it
will be long enough to hold the hairlight (!)
I'm thinking of using it at the back of the room to
support the fill as it will swing horizontally from side
to side. I guess it will be better not to have a tripod
where I'm standing to take the pictures,

Everything's being delayed as I wait for the cable detector so I've decided to work out what type of photographer I want to be, and then start my business plan.

Basically I am considering the following:


Specialise in black and white
* possibly offering prints on textured art paper
* possibly using more natural light
* possibly taking more arty shots in context
* plenty of light and shade

Use interesting backgrounds, possibly digital ones having photographed models against a green screen

Just photograph individuals, but ramp up the artistic nature of the portraits

Specialise in baby and maternity photography

Fashion/glamour type portraits for women/actors

Grunge type portraits

Low-key studio portraits

Mosaic portraits incorporating something of the sitter

I need to be able to offer family portraits as this is what most people want

Head-shots of actors


Theatre work


Find an innovative way of photographing my city that I could then use to get occasional commissions abroad


Become someone's assistant

Get into fashion photography

Photo-journalism or editorial

Stock photography


The question is, can I do all of these things, or will that create a confusing brand, or style. I could have two or more websites, say to divide child portraits from adult portraits.

I am most attracted to the idea of the artistic black and whites, the artistic grunge low key portraits, possibly with digital backgrounds if I can find an easy way of doing this, beauty photography, head-shots. I'm probably happier in the studio.
If only I could get some inspiration, I'd love to do the city landscapes as it is a great ambition of mine to do a small amount of foreign travel with work. I'm not sure I'm a natural at landscape/location work, but I'll keep an open mind for a bit longer.

In many ways I would love to be employed, but the hours are a problem as photography needs to be a way of having a family life. For this reason I should try and target babies and pre-school children.

I think there is some scope in wide mounts, multiple aperture mounts, textured paper, and square or wide landscape crops


I won't pursue employment possibilities for now.

I'll concentrate on studio work 4 days per week
Location/landscapes 1 day per week
I need to update my website/portfolio
Concentrate on
* Well-lit black and white, mid and low key bias
* Maternity and baby
* Pre-school
* Theatre headshots/beauty
* Cityscapes/flowers
* Digital background for old masters colour look
* Grunge look
* Strongly consider more square and vertical shots, possibly on canvas, and mosaics
* Strongly consider a second website

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  1. Well this is really getting interesting and goes to show how useful it is doing a blog! It's nive to see those photos and the goal lists. It's also interesting to see the stats on clients and picking up the camera.